Thanks for stopping by!  I’m happy that you want to learn more about this site, and myself.  I hope you’ll hang out for a bit.  First, let me introduce myself; my name is Mary.  I absolutely love to travel, create, and write. Photography has always been a passion. That combo has led me to this and you to here.

I’m always in search of the unique and different, and I’m down to go just about anywhere. Just ask my family, my friends, or anyone that knows me.  I was bitten by the travel bug a pretty young age and it was game over!  My first solo trip was to Thailand and I spent about a month and a half exploring the country on my own, making and meeting some lifelong friends along the way.  I’ve had the opportunity, and I’m forever grateful to have traveled to over 27 countries, and I’m always adding new ones…

One of my favorite things is getting a new stamp in my passport.  I love it when it gets filled up, and I can flip through remembering those travel moments.  The moments when you’re experiencing new things, you’re learning and growing as a person.  If that is something that interests you then we’ll get along just fine.  I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in 8 different states across the United States, including Colorado, California, Hawaii, and St John, in the USVI.  I’ve been to every state but 5.  You can really learn a lot about people, living in different regions and areas.  So many things are the same; yet so much is different. ,

These are some frequent questions that I get asked:

What made you decide to start this site?

Originally this website was started because I have a love of writing, and a passion for travel.  This is a way for me to document my travels, as well as provide a forum to bring topics close to my heart, and things that I feel are important, to the general public.  I grew up as a fine artist, and was an art major in high school.  When I originally went to college, it was for art and design, before ultimately becoming a nurse.  Eventually my artistic drive evolved into a passion for photography.  Taking and editing film and photos is my creative, artistic, outlet, and by doing this I can share it with others.  

Why do you love to travel so much?

One of the biggest influences for my life of travel, besides my family taking us on trips, was a near fatal car accident that I had.  Life is short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  I was cut out of the car with jaws of life and spreaders, and airlifted to the hospital.  When I awoke and realized what had happened, I was in disbelief.  How could everything just have almost ended?!  I had never even been to the west coast of the U.S.!  I was putting these things off until later, or a better time.  Just like that in the blink of an eye, everything can change.  It was my “Ahaaa” moment!  The moment that catapulted me into a life of seeking and discovering.  I also love the novelty of discovering and finding new beautiful places.  There are so many nooks and crannies in this world just beckoning to be explored.

Do you travel alone or with family and friends?

I do all 3! Following my full recovery from my accident, I decided to make my first road trip out west, and from there, make my first major move out to Colorado.  I had never been there and knew no one, but you make friends.  I grabbed a guide book, picked a town, packed up my things, and left…and so my life of travels took a fast forward.  My ultimate “gypsy,” moment.  I’ve never looked back.  Sometimes I travel solo.  Sometimes I travel with friends.  I like to mix it up and keep it interesting.  Variety is the spice of life!

What do you do for work?

In addition to my running this website, I’m also an operating room nurse at a top 10 teaching hospital, in the U.S.  Ironically, it is the very same hospital that saved my life. In return, I’m fortunate enough to get to help others. I work with an amazingly talented group of people, giving back, and most importantly; saving, extending lives, and offering people the best possible outcomes, in some tough situations. I travel in my off time and live with my 11 year old rescue dog. You will see my Instagram and various other social media sprinkled with pictures of him, in addition to my travel photos, because he’s one of my favorite pals and daily inspiration. 

Who takes care of your dog when you travel?

Dogs are special! He’s my muse, and if you are lucky enough to open your life and have that connection with one, you will understand. I’m a huge animal lover and an advocate for all species. I love being a dog mom. When I can’t take him with me on road trip travels, I have no shortage of friends and family, who love to have him visit with them, while I’m away.

I hope that you’ll travel along with me!  Feel free to reach out, comment, or send an email, if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with.  If you are interested in partnering or would like to work together, just reach out and send me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Chase your dreams!