Make Life a

Daring Adventure

The purpose of this site is to reach out globally to connect people with nature and places, but also to instill a sense of responsibility, the environment, conservation efforts, animal welfare, and the welfare of all beings on our planet, all to live a healthy & balanced life.  

Everything is connected and by inspiring ethical, mindful travel, and mindful living, I hope to raise awareness for yourself, and for others, to care for the planet, ourselves, and each other. Preserving these beautiful places for years to come.  Creating memories, and always leaving nothing but footprints.   👣

I try to travel with a purpose in mind, but sometimes that purpose might just be to relax and unwind.  It all depends on your mindset at the time, and where you are in life, at the present moment.  I like to seek out the different, unique, and unexpected.  

I find that traveling helps put things into perspective for me. You learn a lot about the world and realize how small we really are.  Those little things really aren’t that big of a deal; in the big picture, and in the scheme of things.  In the process, you learn a lot about yourself, and the world around us.

I’ll be sharing travel tips, itineraries, photography, tips for a healthier lifestyle, and general inspiration. Sometimes I’ll share perspective on important social topics and issues. All, with the general aim to raise awareness and to help make the world a better place.

Live Inspired!