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Why We Should ALL Be Saying, Black Lives Matter Right Now


This past Tuesday a new term emerged #BlackoutTuesday I spent the day glued to the news and reading everything I could to educate myself more on the state of our country and the state of the world. Most importantly I educated myself on everything regarding the tragic loss of George Floyd, and the many others that came before him because I finally learned the true meaning behind why #BlackLivesMatter, and why everyone should be saying this right now.

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Feature image of and elephant walking through water.

Thailand Elephants | Travel to Phuket’s 1st Ethical Sanctuary

Learn how to have an elephant experience, on your next trip to Thailand, and do it the ethically and responsible way.  Travel to the 1st ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand, and support these amazing animals.

If you’re an elephant fan like myself, having an ethical elephant experience is something that you don’t want to miss!

What could be better than being able to visit and experience elephants, in a way that is beneficial to them? You learn so much and get to observe them interacting in a natural environment. You will not be causing them harm, or supporting exploitation, and be fulfilling a dream, all at the same time!

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Me at the Lello Bookshop

Harry Potter & Lello Bookshop | Cutest little Bookshop in Porto

Do you want to visit one of the cutest little bookshops in Portugal?  Do you love beautiful, ornate, architecture?  Are you, or are you traveling with someone, who is a “Harry Potter” fan? If you answered yes, to any of these questions then The Lello Bookshop should be on your list, of places to visit when …

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Santorini view of the Caldera during sunset.

Female Travel | Safety tips when traveling solo or in a group.

Have you ever been concerned about your safety or the safety of a destination, as a female traveler?  Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you are not alone. This post was inspired by a real life event, that happened to a close friend of mine, who will remain unnamed. Often times, it is one of the first things I consider, when doing my travel research.  When traveling solo it is a top priority, but these tips can be applied in all circumstances.

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